Elections Timeline:

  • Tuesday, September 8 – Thursday, October 8, 2020
  • Monday, October 26 – Friday, November 6
    • Elections (email to come from MCPA/ACPA with official ballot and voting instructions)
  • December 2020
    • MCPA Executive Board Transition Meeting (meeting scheduled based on the availability of incoming and outgoing MCPA executive board)

Open Positions:

Position descriptions hyperlinked below.


As a profession, we continue to grow and evolve in an effort to better serve our institutions, our constituents, and most importantly, our students. The Maryland College Personnel Association (MCPA) has been an active organization for over fifty years that continues to adjust to the challenges, needs, and demands of our field. This past year the MCPA executive board took a critical look at our executive board structure and asked ourselves the big, but important questions of how we could serve those who MCPA reaches in better, more efficient, and representative ways.

Over the past two years, MCPA has experienced:

  • A decrease in submissions or nominations for Executive Board positions
  • A lack of understanding of the responsibilities of the Member-at-Large position, from 
  • both those interested in joining the board and also those who step into the role
  • A need for an executive board member to act as a liaison to other professional organizations and out-of-state entities.
  • A need for an executive board member to primarily focus on annual events; specifically the Annual Fall Conference and the Administrative Professionals Conference
  • Interest from both undergraduate and graduate students in serving on the board for a one year term. 
  • A lack of representation from various regions of the state on the Executive Board. The board has primarily been composed of professionals from four-year Baltimore-area schools.

To better serve the members of MCPA, the following positions were proposed:

  • President (Continued)
  • President-Elect (Continued)
  • Past President (Continued)
  • Treasurer (Continued) 
  • Membership Coordinator (Continued)
  • Communications Coordinator (Continued)
  • Regional Coordinators (Four New Positions for Eastern, North, Central, and Western Maryland)
  • Annual Events Coordinator (New)
  • External Relations Coordinator (New)
  • Student Representative (New) 

The six current Member-at-Large positions and the Secretary position were eliminated, and seven new positions replaced these roles. 

***The changes outlined above were sent to MCPA membership and approved by a majority vote. These changes officially went into effect on September 3, 2020***