2021 Lunch N Learns

Check out this year’s 2021 Lunch N Learn opportunities. All sessions are scheduled from 12-1pm eastern, and you can register here.

Young, Black, & Burnt Out ⋅ March 23, 2021
During this presentation, participants will be given the opportunity to discuss how their identities have impacted their work environments and created burnout, but importantly how Black professional’s identities can be used to regain motivation and empowerment to fulfill their WHY in what they do. In addition, research will be utilized to assist with understanding the political spaces of higher education to best retain Black professional, as well as develop them to successfully develop and advance within the field.

National Study of College Student Bystander Behavior: Preliminary Findings & Implications for Practice ⋅ April 14, 2021
The National College Student Bystander Intervention Study was designed to expand the application of bystander intervention theory and research to prevent and reduce harm from sexual violence, alcohol and other drug misuse, bias and exclusion, and hazing among college student populations. This session will highlight the study’s preliminary findings related to motivators and barriers to college student bystander intervention in confronting each of these social issues, and implications for practice to increase student bystander intervention-supportive attitudes, intentions, skills, and behaviors.

How NLU Tripled Their Engagement When Switching to Virtual Programming ⋅ May 13, 2021
It’s easy to assume that virtual programs will be less engaging — in terms of student attendance and investment in learning outcomes. But thanks to innovative ideas, bold moves, and a great partnership with a student development platform, National Louis University tripled student engagement since going virtual. In this presentation, you’ll explore our digital student portal to learn how we advertised virtual events, transformed our in-person leadership program, and created robust learning pathways for students to continue learning and growing.

Beyond Job Titles and FTEs: De-centering power, (Re)Humanizing Our Work ⋅ May 25, 2021
Office hours. Vacation time. Personal days. We mark our work and time by these outdated modes of recordkeeping, of control, while trying to reconcile this superficial accounting with the realities of our work. We are an inherently human profession. This session explores the ways that ineffective, sometimes toxic leadership leads to the dehumanization of our work. We invite you to join a dialogue that reframes leadership, centers the dignity inherent in ourselves and our work, and deconstructs neoliberal higher education.

Leveraging Program Theory and Implementation Fidelity for Equity-Minded Assessment ⋅ June 15, 2021
Program theory and implementation fidelity are key components of program and service design and development that are often overlooked when executing and assessing programs and services. These components are also effective strategies for engaging in equity-minded assessment. In this session, we will discuss each concept and demonstrate how both can be used to strengthen assessment practice to inform program improvement as well as showcase how these processes are strategies for equity-minded assessment.

Creating Inclusive Spaces with Arts Centered Engagement Strategies ⋅ August 11, 2021
Within a “new normal” of 2021, educators must rebuild learning spaces to create more inclusive environments for students. This session explores the need for constructing physical and digital spaces that center culturally underrepresented narratives. Through the lens of visual art, participants will learn how to infuse arts-based modalities into educational practice as a strategy for fostering students’ sense of belonging and deconstructing traditional notions of learning.

Let’s Go!! Interested in a Termina Degree (PhD – JD – EdD) ⋅ September 15, 2021
Whether the motivation is career advancement or conducting research that will progress the Higher Education field, many practitioners find themselves considering pursuing a doctorate. Utilizing the knowledge of current doctoral students, this session will provide participants with insights on various parts of the doctoral journey. Participants will discuss topics such as factors to consider in program selection, preparation for the academic journey, and potential internal and external challenges.

Engaging rural students when socially distanced ⋅ October 14, 2021
This panel discussion will deepen participants’ understanding of ways to connect with and support rural students who have historically struggled to fit in on many campuses. The challenges of COVID-19 have magnified this. The panel will consist of rural students and student affairs professionals. It will center the unique needs of rural students navigating campus resources daily and in our current reality.

Uncovering the Student Affairs Literature on White Supremacy and Privilege ⋅ November 9, 2021
Equity and inclusion are mostly elusive in student affairs as we have barely begun (some would argue not at all) to dismantle white supremacy and systemic racism embedded in higher education. The purpose of this session is to uncover white supremacy, white privilege, whiteness, and white identity in the student affairs literature and use it as a guide to dismantle racism and create equitable, antiracist student affairs practice. Participants will practice creating antiracism in their student affairs sphere of influence.